Women in the Fruit Shop

Shopping in Sevilla is still women’s business. Today I went to the local fruit shop, just around the corner to buy fruit and vegetables. I get there honey from the region, too.

The shop assistant is from Huelva, Sierra del Norte. She is really nice but today I realized how many people who live in my “barrio” are actually from Huelva or from the Extremadura. It is amazing. They live in Seville but they still consider themselves part of their villages or regions. Seville is only the place where they happen to work or be or…

old shop in the center by D.Schönfeld © 2016
old shop in the center by D.Schönfeld © 2016

It sounds old fashioned but here they chat in the shops a lot. So after they talked about their dependents and the differences in their pronunciation, the subject changed and they started to talk about men and how much relationships changed. It is true during the last 30 years the roll of women in society changed a lot. One women, she might be about 45, said that it is sad how unreflected women see their new position and roll. Not easy to take.

orange in Seville by D.Schönfeld © 2016
orange in Seville by D.Schönfeld © 2016

I love doing the shopping here in the small shops. They sell local products or do them themselves. The bakery here doesn’t use prepared frozen dough, they mix it themselves and tell you what they put in. You can see it the size and form might change a bit. In the end I think we all should appreciate more what we have.



Book Club – The Children Act

A book club is a great opportunity to talk about a book, its author and of course the story with its protagonists. That’s exactly what we did today. The author Ian McEwan and the book The Children Act. The protagonist a women in a man’s job, lots of responsibility, problems in her marriage, a personal crisis and the challenge to decide on a child’s future. Not easy and still… A great book that lead us in a good discussion that showed points and angles we didn’t see before. Wonderful. I am looking forward to the next book to read.

Impression of Sevilla xx by Dorothea Schönfeld © 2016
Impression of Sevilla xx by Dorothea Schönfeld © 2016
Sevilla by D. Schönfeld © 2016
Impression of Sevilla by D. Schönfeld © 2016

Storm and Closed Park

To plan a Tuesday outing to the park is nice. On my way I enjoyed the blue sky and the sun.

cold winter day © D. Schönfeld 2016
cold winter day © Dorothea Schönfeld 2016

Weather forecast was for sun and cold… both very true but last days sorts and winds worried the authorities… all ways into the park were closed. No way to get in. So we changed the plans… Anyway our coffee – with a view to the park – was nice and warm.

Saturday before the storm by Dorothea Schönfeld © 2016
Saturday before the storm by D. Schönfeld © 2016

orange trees without fruit © D. Schönfeld 2016

After the storm is no fruit left on the threes. We took a look at the riverside instead. And there we saw the danger… Oranges over oranges…

danger on the ground © D. Schönfeld 2016
danger on the ground © Dorothea Schönfeld 2016