Feminism an Approach

First steps to find a personal opinion and understanding

Feminism and women’s rights, that’s a difficult subject. Well, perhaps not difficult but there are so many angles and perspectives that it’s a bit tricky to talk about all of it at once. So I am going to make a start and bit by bit there shall enroll a picture.

First thought

One thing that for me is kind of hard to explain is the distinction between gender or sex or just women and man. I like look at people as humans. And that means for me, there are women and men, perhaps there are different colored people but they have the same possibilities and rights by law. Thankfully I am in Europe and women are according to the law equal. That’s a good start.

Thinking a bit further

Is there discrimination agains women? Well. Of course there are some people I prefer to others. So yes, I discriminate. Thinking about the discrimination I commit, I have to say, that I tend to prefer people who’s culture is close to my own. So, if I don’t know something, I wonder and tend to reject the unknown. Normal, you say? Well, yes and no. Because that is where discrimination starts.

So is discrimination per se bad? No, certainly not. But there is wishful thinking. I want to be better than I am. We all have values and opinions how things should be. And people who don’t share them are discriminated against. Still, in other cases we discriminate by giving someone special support. We often do that in order to help and make them equal.

Next step

Equality is an other very difficult term for me. I know that we are all equal in front of the law, that’s really good. But as human beings, we are very different. Or lets say it differently, we are individuals. That sounds much better.

It is true there are men and women. Feminism did a lot in order to allow women to be respected as equal by law and big parts of society. So nowadays we can profit of feminists work. There are still differences and certainly injustice but it is much better. We live in a quite good place but we have to make sure that it stays like it and bit by bit might get better. So step by step I will go ahead thinking, considering …

Santa Maria la Blanca 2016 © by D.Schönfeld
Santa Maria la Blanca 2016 © by D.Schönfeld