Impressions from Zafra

Sevilla and Andalusia are nice but borders change and the kingdom of Sevilla used to be much larger. So at the moment I explore a bit the Extremadura. Last weekend I went to see Zafra. Have a look yourself.

Plaza Grande in Zafra © by D.Schönfeld 2017


Fassade – Zafra © by D.Schönfeld 2017


Sun Fassade in Zafra © by D.Schönfeld 2017


Winter in Andalucia

Winter is different where ever you are. Here it is cold but we have a wonderful light. So here two photos one from Germany – Castle Forest of Neckarmühlbach and an other photo from Andalusia – Castle of Cortegana. Look and enjoy.

Neckarmühlbach December 2016 © D.Schönfeld
Cortegana January 2017 © D.Schönfeld

Happy New Year

I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! I hope you and we will enjoy the year. And to start with I want to share a few photos I took in wintery Germany during the holidays.


Neckarmühlbach © D.Schönfeld 2016
Neckarmühlbach © D.Schönfeld 2016