Just a walk in the park

Yes, it is nice to go for a walk in the park. I do it quite frequently and of course I take my camera. There are always little things that change or the light points at them… and the day before yesterday I saw nice flowers and some reflections on the water. Have a look yourself.

Parque Maria Luisa 2017 © by D.Schönfeld
Parque María Luisa 2017 © by D.Schönfeld

The Bridge

The bridge over the Guadalquivir connects the old quarter of Seville and Triana. The name of the bridge depends a bit on whom you as for it’s name. Yes, that’s typical for Seville, many places have more than one name. With the changing perspective changes the name.

Anyway the bridge of Isabel or Triana is one of the monuments you should see in Seville. It is a great place to meet and start a nice walk along the promenade. You can see Triana with Calle Betis, the Castillo San Gorge and the Faro or on the other side the Torre de Oro, Maestranza and of course the Giralda.

Puente Isabel de Triana 2016 © by Do.Schönfeld
Triana Bridge in Seville 2017 © by D.Schönfeld

Fungi and Mushrooms

Mushrooms or fungi are extraordinary versatile. They can be eaten, some are poisoning others are hallucinogenic. And they grow nearly everywhere and under all sorts of conditions, in extreme heat and humidity, they grow even under snow. Ok, then it is even more difficult than normal to find them…

Fungi are amazing. They can substitute meat while they are really tasty and they are healthy. It is also possible to make fantastic creams or skin treatments out of them… It is worth it to have a closer look. Mushrooms come in different shapes and forms. But it doesn’t matter how you look at them they are amazing.

Aracena, Spain 2015 © by D.Schönfeld


Neckarmühlbach, Deutschland 2017 © by D.Schönfeld
Neckarmühlbach, Deutschland 2016 © by D.Schönfeld