Fungi and Mushrooms

Mushrooms or fungi are extraordinary versatile. They can be eaten, some are poisoning others are hallucinogenic. And they grow nearly everywhere and under all sorts of conditions, in extreme heat and humidity, they grow even under snow. Ok, then it is even more difficult than normal to find them…

Fungi are amazing. They can substitute meat while they are really tasty and they are healthy. It is also possible to make fantastic creams or skin treatments out of them… It is worth it to have a closer look. Mushrooms come in different shapes and forms. But it doesn’t matter how you look at them they are amazing.

Aracena, Spain 2015 © by D.Schönfeld


Neckarmühlbach, Deutschland 2017 © by D.Schönfeld
Neckarmühlbach, Deutschland 2016 © by D.Schönfeld

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