Photos show what you see. Photos are a memory of a special moment. Photos are valuable to many of us. But photos tell us at the same time  a story. Ok, so what? Well. Nowadays, with the series we can create our own narration.

And we do. We tell what we would like to see or to be seen by you. Whats true? What’s invented? Who knows? How can we know? A photo is a picture, is a copy, is an image … You see? Well, it is set and constructed. If consciously or not, who can tell?

Anyway, I took four selfies during the last 10 days. I was asked to send a photograph… and yes, I did it. I used for the selfie my mobile in order to make it more realistic. I took the first selfie on the roof terrace, the second on a parking lot with a nice car, the third on an excursion to the countryside and the fourth in a local brewery. Have a look yourself.

Selfie – Azotea © by D.Schönfeld, March 2017
Selfie – Coche © by D.Schönfeld, March 2017
Selfie – Pozo © by D.Schönfeld, March 2017
Selfie – Cervecería © by D.Schönfeld, March 2017

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