Seven Wonders of the World

There are lots of things which we consider normal. And as a matter of fact – very often we don’t even notice them. But they are marvelous. Well … yes, there is a good reason why people say that the really valuable things in life can’t be bought with money or even made by men.

I would like to show you seven photos I took during February and March 2017 which in my opinion proof that. All these photos show some part of nature, plants, animals, water… or in other words the seven wonders of the world. I gave them all titles like: see, hear, touch, taste, feel, laugh and love. Have a look yourself.

SEE. In my opinion the first wonder is the possibility to see. I picked for you a photo of an olive grove near Córdoba.

Look at the Olive Grove © by D.Schönfeld February 2017

HEAR. I choose as a second photo a fountain in Parque Maria Luisa, just imagine listening to the water… marvelous, isn’t it?

Hear the Water © by D.Schönfeld February 2017

TOUCH. Don’t you want to touch these delicate flowers? In my opinion this photo shows beautifully their fragility and strength.

Touch it © by D.Schönfeld February 2017

TASTE. The sense of taste shows us the world again from an other perspective. Honey and nectar are symbols of original taste…

Taste it Honey © by D.Schönfeld March 2017

FEEL. I choose this fifth photo just because it will make you feel good, at least that’s what I hope for.

Feel the Flower © by D.Schönfeld, March 2017

LAUGH. One of the most amazing things humans do, they laugh, giggle, chuckle and very important, it is possible to make other people laugh. Laughter and happiness make the day for everybody.

Big Smile – Got ya © by D.Schönfeld, February 2017

LOVE. Love is the best and certainly most extraordinary thing that can happen to us. Love comes in so many different ways, it is never the same and hard to capture. For me love is the seventh wonder of the world.

Love it © by D.Schönfeld, March 2017

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