Lavender and Digital Photography

One of the problems showing photos is that you have to pick the ones you’d like to show. And that is quite a challenge with digital photography. Yes, the problem is, that I take many photos of the same object. That’s exactly what I had to do with my photos of wild growing lavender.

Ok, I managed to pick 10 photos I like and now I will post four of them here and the other bunch on my other blog so if you like to see them as well you know where to find them. Enjoy.

Lavender in the Sierra de Aracena © by D.Schönfeld April 2017


Lavender and Butterfly © by D.Schönfeld, April 2017
Lavender Tree © by D.Schönfeld, April 2017
Lavender Landscape © by D.Schönfeld, April 2017

On the Roof

One thing I really like in spring are all the plants growing on roofs. Yes, there are beautiful roof top gardens but I don’t mean them. What I am talking about are the wild plants. Have a look.

Roof in Sevilla © by D.Schönfeld April 2017
Entrance to a House © by D.Schönfeld April 2017
Cumbres Mayores © by D.Schönfeld April 2017

Orchids of Andalusia

That’s what I found on my last weekend trip just before sunset. I was turning around to go back and there it was an orchid. It was the first of three different kinds I would see on the way to the car. Still I didn’t know jet.

Orchid One © by D.Schönfeld April 2017

And as it turned out going back further, there was an other orchid. That one was more obvious, still I didn’t notice it before on the way.


Orchid Two © by D.Schönfeld April 2017

And now my senses were sharper and I saw a third orchid. That one again was clearly an orchid but it was due to it’s size not so obvious.

Orchid Three © by D.Schönfeld April 2017

It is amazing what is out there, waiting to be discovered. Sunday is coming up and with it the next excursion.