Sunset at the Beach

Many of us are going to the beach in summer. One of the things most of us enjoy? Well, we watch the sunset in the evening. For those of you, who are not able to go there themselves or had to head back or just love a little reminder… Here are a few photos I took the other day. Enjoy.

All these photos are taken at the beach of Conil de la Frontera in Spain by D.Schönfeld in July 2017.


Summer at the Sea

It is summer. It is hot.

But not so much at the sea, there it is refreshing. Therefore a few photos for you to refresh. In the following few weeks I will post different photos and facets of the Atlantic coast of southern Spain.

These photos were taken at Cabo Trafalgar near Conil de la Frontera in June 2017 by D.Schoenfeld.