Weekend Shots

This weekend I went to the Sierra de Aracena and caught a few autumn impressions. Yes, it is true, it’s still pretty summery compared to the north of Europe. But summer is over. I notice the change in the plants and the sky. Have a look yourself.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-15 um 23.54.30
just beside the road by D.Schönfeld © 2017
a door in Alajar by D.Schönfeld © 2017
Pommerngrant by D.Schönfeld © 2017
Shadow by D.Schönfeld © 2017


Autumn Impressions

It’s not cold or rainy or whatever you might imagine thinking of autumn. In the south of Spain the maximum still reaches 35°C or more. Still nature is changing… Here a few weekend impressions of autumn.