Xmas is Coming (2)

Christmas is a special time of the year… this year I had the opportunity to see an exhibit of Christmas cribs here in Sevilla. They show still Christmas cribs from all over the world. What a variety. What beautiful handy craft… See for yourselves…

Merry Christmas!

Trees and Winter

Spain is different, so is winter in Spain. One big difference is the light… especially in the south of Spain the winter light is delightful… Look at the photos of trees and leaves I took just today. The temperatures are low with 7-9 degrees but the sun is still strong and the effect on the colors is brilliant.

Xmas is Coming (1)

It’s December now and that means… Christmas is coming up… it wouldn’t be long… the signs are everywhere visible. On Friday was the so called “alumbrado” in Sevilla, I was there and took a few photos. I would like to share just a few of them with you. Of course the close we come to Xmas the more of the I’ll show you… See now the first of them. I took them all on Plaza San Francisco… instead of a big autodafé nice heartwarming lights to announce Xmas and the birthday of Jesus Christ.