Landscape with Clouds

Technically it is still winter… and it is certainly cold and winter like… still it is beautiful last Sunday the sky was just amazing… look and see for yourself.

Just a Memory

It seems a long time ago… but just before new years eve we went to the beach… here a few photos I took…

Portrait of a Tree

Trees are fantastic. On my trips to Alajar there is one tree in particular that I like. And so I tend to take lots of photos of it. Have a look yourself.

End of the Year at the Beach

The beach is great. As a matter of fact it doesn’t matter when you go, there is always something nice to experience. Last Saturday was a day without wind, sunny and mild temperatures, a nice day. And a nice day to spent at the beach. So we went to Caños los Meca just for the day. In summer it is very crowded not so in December. We had the beach for ourselves. Have a look.