Three-Dimensions and Photos

There are all sorts of things around me. I am the center or am I in the center or what? Hard to say perspectives are changing. I am moving. And who am I to make a decision? Here are a few photos of a weekend trip to a place near Castillo de las Guardas. Look for yourself.


Flowers come out. In the desert you notice the change after the rain. We don’t live in the desert but the reaction of nature is so similar. Just the rain of the last few days made the countryside change. Flowers and greens crow like mad.

Water and reflections

At the moment there is quite a bit of rain… it feels cold and uncomfortable but still knowing that it’s necessary I enjoyed today coffee and lovely austrian Sacher Torte… and now looking through my photos of the weekend I found some watery ones… look yourself.


I have today a few photos for you I took during the last two months… I took them walking by with my mobile. Still they are nice. And as I like them, I want to share them with you. Have a look.