I have today a few photos for you I took during the last two months… I took them walking by with my mobile. Still they are nice. And as I like them, I want to share them with you. Have a look.

Holly Week in Sevilla

Holly Week, Semana Santa or Karwoche in Sevilla, impossible to compare… just look at that. Seven photos of a week…


Heart Corazón Herz

What ever you call it, it means much more than the word itself captures. We know it and whenever or wherever we see a heart understand… I found in the most unlikely situations harts… here a few photos… with love.

Almond Trees in Flower

Winter is not jet over, actually it feels pretty cold today, but the almond trees are in flower. So spring is on it’s way… have a look.


Portrait of a Tree

Trees are fantastic. On my trips to Alajar there is one tree in particular that I like. And so I tend to take lots of photos of it. Have a look yourself.

Xmas is Coming (2)

Christmas is a special time of the year… this year I had the opportunity to see an exhibit of Christmas cribs here in Sevilla. They show still Christmas cribs from all over the world. What a variety. What beautiful handy craft… See for yourselves…

Merry Christmas!

A Pause Button of Life

A photo is like a pause button of life. Once you press the button to take the photo the picture infant of the lents freezes and stays there forever. Well, that’s only partly true but it is a nice idea and why not try to capture the moment.

Here a few photos I took last month during my weekend excursions. As I try not to change my pictures, I’ll show you bits of them, zoomed in, screenshots. Ok, I admit it is not the best quality but you see how I look at them. Enjoy.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-16 um 23.38.41
Green Eyed Fly © by D.Schönfeld, May 2017


Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-16 um 23.32.42
Biblical Plague © by D.Schönfeld, May 2017
Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-31 um 13.03.17
Beatle © by D.Schönfeld, May 2017