Harvest Moon

The year passes in steps… summer is officially over now autumn or herbst or fall is the season… it started with a beautiful moon, the so called harvest moon. Let’s have a look:

Harvest Moon © by D.Schönfeld September 2018
Harvest Moon © by D.Schönfeld September 2018

Three-Dimensions and Photos

There are all sorts of things around me. I am the center or am I in the center or what? Hard to say perspectives are changing. I am moving. And who am I to make a decision? Here are a few photos of a weekend trip to a place near Castillo de las Guardas. Look for yourself.


Flowers come out. In the desert you notice the change after the rain. We don’t live in the desert but the reaction of nature is so similar. Just the rain of the last few days made the countryside change. Flowers and greens crow like mad.

Water and reflections

At the moment there is quite a bit of rain… it feels cold and uncomfortable but still knowing that it’s necessary I enjoyed today coffee and lovely austrian Sacher Torte… and now looking through my photos of the weekend I found some watery ones… look yourself.

Orange Oranges

Here are a few impressions about the orange in daily life in southern Spain. Oranges are everywhere and they make our life more colorful.

Almond Trees in Flower

Winter is not jet over, actually it feels pretty cold today, but the almond trees are in flower. So spring is on it’s way… have a look.


Landscape with Clouds

Technically it is still winter… and it is certainly cold and winter like… still it is beautiful last Sunday the sky was just amazing… look and see for yourself.

Just a Memory

It seems a long time ago… but just before new years eve we went to the beach… here a few photos I took…

Portrait of a Tree

Trees are fantastic. On my trips to Alajar there is one tree in particular that I like. And so I tend to take lots of photos of it. Have a look yourself.